in medias res

by fenseas

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released March 8, 2016

Recorded at Syrres, Greece
Music and lyrics by Nikos Xanthoulis
Cover photo Kostis Papakonstantinou
Graphics Anestis Neiros



all rights reserved


fenseas Greece

Fenseas formed in 2016.
Based somewhere between lowlands of north Greece and Aegean sea.

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Track Name: Lisbon
We could runaway but we lost our way.
Track Name: Ropbie 1,25
A mount of sea
a mount of be...
Track Name: Dreams
Whenever you are happy
Wherever you are happy
Truth will crack your smile
Truth will make you cry

Whenever you are happy
Wherever you are happy
I’ll be the one to tell you again
That you should never forget
The time of the lie

You have nothing to prove to me
You should never say these things to me
Cause now
My dreams don’t dance anymore
My thoughts can’t paint any wall

Whenever you are happy
La la la la la
Track Name: Time as a friend
You can’t really feel
you’re hiding behind this mask of fears
I can really see
the Time that bites your inner wish
So you fall into sleep
waiting for someone to lift you again
you can’t dream no more
cause your life is a repeatable move
i will see you fall
don’t expect me to throw you the rope
cause Time
is eating your soul

Then you hear this beat
and something inside you
feels the rip
i’m calling you just to say
i wanna feel the silence one day
we can drink and regret
the past is unwritten
forgive and forget
you can take of your mask
and see yourself
naked in light
you should never fear
cause Time is a friend
and she’s feeding our souls
cause Time is
sweeping our wrongs
cause Time
Track Name: Syrres
Dance and feel safe
You're flirting with the ground

Run and feel safe
You're chasing one another
Track Name: 78 night bus
Nothing left to say
Nothing left to be
You give me one smile tonight
And leave me here to see

And never take ma back
I’m alright here by the sea
I really don’t give a fuck
If you can’t believe

Nothing really ends
No one really forgets

It’s the time of your life to see
It’s the time of your life to be

Άσε με να δω
Άσε με να μπω
Track Name: Howling wind
Travelling at the sea
I watch the islands coming
i am standing still
the wind is rising now
I'm trying to catch the wave
which brought me to your spectrum
i won't try to feel
the sun will heal me now

the howling wind
is curving round my spine

i respect the sea

I wanna fly away
above the yellow ocean
if fenseas are beneath
παρε με απο εδω
and bring me back to land
to face my really fears
the crispy lady fades
she sings along with her

the howling wind
is curving round my spine

i respect the sea

i wanna fly away.